Betty Goh

About Betty Goh

There is a sense of mystery and imagination in her images. Her original, distinctive and unconventional contemporary style often pleasantly surprises her audience.

Born and based in Singapore, Betty Goh’s main passion is abstract street photography. Observing from alternative perspectives, Betty captures the beauty of daily mundane streets through layers, lines, spaces, reflections, shadows and silhouettes.   

The streets which she walks on everyday may look ordinary, but it is the different feelings each time her soul connects with the people and environment that allows her to observe and capture the unnoticed.  

Betty feels that her photo works are introspective and reflections of her subconscious. Street photography has given her space to express emotions of passion, loneliness, fear, tension and dilemma in the urban life. These unspoken and surreal articulations are often hidden in her visual poetry.

Betty is the only Singaporean artist included in the very first “Women Street Photographers” book curated by Gulnara Samoilova in New York and internationally published by Prestel Publishing in March 2021. The book features 100 contemporary female street photographers around the world. 

Her work has been exhibited in various countries. In May 2024, she held her first solo exhibition "Subconscious" in Tokyo, Japan and it was a success. She also has her wall of photo series exhibited in Leica Singapore, Leica Malaysia and in Germany. Her images have also been showcased in New York City, Australia, Mexico, California (USA), India etc.

In addition, Betty has given a number of successful talks for Leica Singapore, Leica Malaysia, Australian Association of Street Photographers, Mexico Street Photo Festival and 7SPACES in Germany etc.  She is the only Asian present at the first international Mexico Street Photo Festival and in Germany.

All her photo works are shot unposed, within single exposure and with minimal/zero edits. This website records some key highlights in her photography journey.

Betty produces good new work almost everyday and regularly posts them on her instagram @betty_goh_photography. Do check them out over there.

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